WE DO – What Others DON’T

  • Patented Continuous Cut Deck
  • Super Clean Look
  • Trim Head Screws
  • Adjustable Elevation
  • Patented Efficient Design
  • Most Reliable Controls
retire your pool with an in pool deck

We Do Much More Too!

  • Professionally engineered for safety and years of service
  • Weatherproof electric & plumbing
  • Patented designs and construction methods
  • Hurricane & earthquake proof ties
  • Miniature industrial float on optional automatic controls
  • Water pumps out away from pool
  • Building standards by licensed engineers
  • Deck installed with screws for removal
  • Optional Lights, Benches, storage racks

Check This Out!

Everyone else must put the deck planks lengthwise causing more BUTT JOINTS on the deck.

RETIRE MY POOL’S patented structure allows us to place our planks crosswise, minimizing butt joints!