Although the Deckover name was working for the business, that name didn’t seem to be as descriptive as we wanted it to be. Today, all we do is Retire Swimming Pools by building a deck inside the top of the pool. This helped us formulate the new name, since it says exactly what we do. We decided to change the company’s name to, “Retire My Pool, Inc”.

About the History of RETIRE MY POOL

RETIRE MY POOL is a growing family owned business located in Phoenix, Arizona. Opened in January 2001 as a home remodeling business, the business switched over in 2007 to dedicated deck building, all of which is done over a pool.

Jeff Getz, the owner of RETIRE MY POOL, grew up in Ohio, learning the family construction businesses with his father and grandfather. One of his grandparents immigrated from Germany and both were entrepreneurs who fed their families through their own efforts and commitment to their customers.

About the History of Deckover

Both of Jeff’s grandparents have a German heritage.  His Mom’s parents immigrated from Germany.

About the History of Deckover

Life on the farm was a great place to grow up. It’s a good place to learn hard work ethics.

About the History of Deckover

Grandpa Getz became a well-known home builder

He and his family lived on a farm for some time which created another environment of hard work to a great work ethic.  In the early 70’s Jeff moved to Arizona with his parents.  He helped his father in a commercial construction and steel fabrication business which added to his experience and knowledge in the construction world.

Awkward 70s Getz Kids, Jeff Rt - 1978

The family moved to Arizona in the 70s.

About the History of Deckover

Jeff in the construction industry driving a larger tractor — Cat 992!

RETIRE MY POOL had been doing remodeling for several years. The deck it over portion began as a special request of one of Jeff’s customers. Here are the problems they were encountering.

  • No one was using the pool or only used once or twice per year at a cost of thousands of dollars per swim.
  • They wanted to retire the pool, but keep equity in their home.
  • Maintenance and repair costs kept on increasing.
  • The pool was close to needing to be re-plastered again

A few years prior to this request, Jeff’s stepfather (Mel, a retired engineer) had designed, then built the predecessor of today’s deck for his own pool. With help from Mel, and with Jeff’s construction knowledge, he put together a standard design and proposal. With that plan he showed his first deck customer, and the rest is history.

From then on, we began to see a great need for such a product, and it has grown over the years. It continues to grow as more people realize the benefits of “Parking the Pool”.

In the recent past, RETIRE MY POOL has created great advances in pool decks which have created improvements in durability, and beauty of the pool decks, while lowering the costs.

RETIRE MY POOL pool covers are the solution to these common problems and can help you!

Jeff & Robyn 35 yrs later

Jeff and his wife Robyn have been married for 35 years, with 4 sons and 3.5 grandchildren. Hoping for lots more!

RETIRE MY POOL has been selected as one of the few companies that does warranty work for TREX and Louisiana Pacific brands of composite decking in the Phoenix area.