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Can I Retire My Swimming Pool?

Can I Retire My Swimming Pool vs Can I Retire MY Swimming Pool? YES! Those are two VERY different questions. Notice the emphasis on certain words. I got asked this question recently, [...]

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3 Types of Pool Fill-In

What is the best type of "Pool Fill-In"? Filling in a pool might seem like a straightforward way to repurpose your backyard space, but it's important to consider several factors before making a [...]

  • To Pool or Not to Pool

To Pool or Not to Pool

Is It Time To Retire Your Pool Article Provided by Joseph Callaway - Those Callaways Realtors Years ago, a client called me to share his excitement at no longer having to pay for pool [...]

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5 Reasons To Retire Your Pool

Is It Time To Retire Your Pool While images of a backyard pool can bring up the feeling of cannonballing into cool water on a hot summer’s day but the reality can be a [...]

Retire My Pool VS. Plastering

What Does Each Swim Cost? First, What does my pool cost to maintain? Most average-size diving pools cost at least $2,500 per year. So, If you swim 3 times per year, Each Swim Costs $833! [...]

Retire My Pool VS. A Pool Fill In

The Danger is Future Value New real estate laws require disclosure that the remains of a pool are buried in your yard. Since it is a part of public information, it will be a [...]

RETIRE MY POOL vs. Other Deck Builders

WE DO - What Others DON'T Patented Continuous Cut Deck Super Clean Look Trim Head Screws Adjustable Elevation Patented Efficient Design Most Reliable Controls View Other Examples of the rmp solution [...]