RETIRE MY POOL’S new patent pending design and installation process guarantee the best pricing, most professional, and pain free method of retiring your pool. See why you should deck it over, and how you can save on this terrific new sensation.


Unfortunately, that’s a pretty common question.  The answer is, it’s a deck built in the true style that decks are normally built.  Instead of building it out the back door, it covers the pool, usually flush with the surrounding surface.

Decks are not very common in the valley of Phoenix, because of the style of homes that we build.  The typical home does not lend itself to the addition of a deck.

For a deck to be built anywhere, we need at least a 12″ elevation above the existing ground.  Most back patios don’t lend themselves to that, BUT a pool cover does, because the bottom of the pool is usually over 3′ deep.

Good question…… Most people want the deck to handle parties, people, tables, DANCES! etc.

The answer is, YES!!    IT IS STRONG ENOUGH! The design is verified by a certified structural engineer, licensed by the state.

The decks are built to normal building standards for floors and decks and usually far exceed structural requirements, in fact most exceed commercial requirements for floor loading because of the way they are actually built.

You may want to put a spa on top of it, or drive over it.  In those situations, we may want to reinforce it a little.

Tell us your particular needs and we’ll be sure to create a beautiful deck that works for you and of which you can be proud.

Answer is…… IT DEPENDS!   Here are some of the variables that affect the cost of a deck.

  • The surface area of the pool
  • The span of the members
  • The shape, a curved pool is more difficult than a rectangle
  • Different levels, steps, or benches cost a little more
  • The material used on the deck.  The composite material is much more expensive and also requires a more substantial deck structure

In all, there are up to 12 different factors that go into our calculations. Accuracy is very important to us. There could be other factors that may affect the cost also, but call any time for a free detailed quote.

Don’t be afraid to call.  We never mind giving information that helps our customers.

We hear a wide variation of what it costs to maintain a pool. I think most people don’t really know what it costs, or they don’t care enough to figure it out. Our In-Pool Decks usually run around $40-$50 per square foot. Sometimes it’s less if the pool is easier to build in. This is a very affordable deck price compared to a deck you would find built onto the back of a house. Those decks can go over $100 per square foot.

Because maintenance costs vary drastically, we believe that “Retiring A Pool” will pay for itself in 3-5 years. It’s different for everyone because of the infinite ways that people maintain or don’t maintain their pool.

The Retirement of a Pool has a lot more value than just the financial savings from the cost of power, water, and poisonous chemicals. It provides Real Estate that you didn’t have before. Now the homeowner forgoes the nagging problem of swimming pool maintenance, and they get something with a much lower maintenance cost. You also join the growing number of people who are reducing their footprint in the world so that future generations have the same beautiful earth that we enjoy.

Most decks are done in about a week.  The larger more complicated decks take longer.  The simpler ones could be done in a few days.

Yes, water will pass through the deck openings.  We install a pump that sends the water back out to the backwash line on the pool filter and drops it on the ground away from the pool.

The pump is powered by a ground fault interrupt circuit that protects anyone from being shocked.  This is a standard requirement for the pool light circuit which we use to power the pump.  Sometimes the GFCI’s go bad after many years in the sun and the heat and may need to be replaced at any time along the way if they do not operate correctly.

Yes, on every deck, we make an access hatch which allows entry to below the deck.

Since water will come through, any item will need to be in a rain proof container. We have seen customers put Christmas decorations in the large plastic storage boxes. Any old pool equipment they want to save goes down there.

You may want to set some skids on the bottom to set things on so that when water comes in, it doesn’t collect underneath. Whatever goes below needs to be in a water proof container.

We also offer a hanging storage system.

Most pool surfaces are not meant to be without water in them. Some pool surfaces can go without water better than others. From what we see, surprisingly, the older plasters stand up better than the new ones.

Most likely the pool will have to be replastered or resurfaced when you are ready to use it again.

When you are ready to use the pool again, the deck can be removed, pool resurfaced, and it’s ready to go. The deck or supporting structure and equipment do not damage the existing pool structure.

As a matter of fact, we have applied for patents for features that make it easier to remove the deck someday.

Yes, as follows:

  • Composite deck planks usually have a 15-year warranty; some have a limited lifetime warranty on the decking planks that are used. The deck structure in Arizona carries a 2-year limited warranty on workmanship.  Check your local construction regulations for the time frame given in your area.
  • Pumps, electrical, and other purchased components have a warranty as supplied by the manufacturer.

If you have any other questions, call us!  We’ll try to answer!

Yaaa …. don’t, unless you have an engineer as a good friend.

Yes! It has to go somewhere. Another neat part of the system is a pump which pumps the water from the bottom of the pool, back out and away from the pool.

The answer here is – It depends. In Phoenix and most of the state where there are swimming pools, we live in a desert where the ground water is 200 ft or more below the surface. There may be some places where a pool could float out of the ground but we have never seen it. In other wetter climates, there is a danger of the water pressure in the ground could cause the pool shell to float up out of the ground. In places where the ground water is closer to the surface, relief valves can be installed which keep this from happening.

5 gold stars service

“I love this deck! Walking on it, looking at it, and thinking about the years to come with NO pool worries!”

5 gold stars service

“It was a good job. The job was done completely before promised which is excellent!”

5 gold stars service

“We found them to be fair, honest and responsible people.”

From the moment the pool is drained, RETIRE MY POOL starts to pay you back.


Most people don’t realize what their swimming pools really cost. Remember that the cost of the pool is relative to the size. The average payback time for a RETIRE MY POOL pool cover is LESS than 4 Years. Sometimes much less.


RETIRE MY POOL protects our environment:

  • The SMART Pool Retirement Alternative
  • Patented Designs and Construction Methods
  • Professionally Engineered for Safety and Years of Service
  • Stops Using our Precious Water
  • Cuts Electricity Usage
  • Stops Using Harsh Chemicals
  • Composite Deck is made from RECYCLED MATERIALS
deckover product information
*This payback is based on averages and may vary for your particular situation.

Types of pools we currently service

Most pools in the Phoenix area are built as a concrete/plaster type of pool. Other types may not work with our current design. There may be other types that we can work on. Contact us for special designs.


Concrete/Plaster/Fiberglass lined


Fiberglass body

Vinyl Liner


deckover product information

  1. COST SAVINGS – From the moment the pool is drained, your pool retirement starts to pay you back.
  2. MAINTENANCE COSTS KEEP RISING – The cost of water, chemicals, insurance, and maintenance go on and on
  3. YARD SPACE – Does your pool take up a large section of your backyard? Put it up and take the pool fence down! IMAGINE THE NEW SPACE!
  4. VALUE – Retain the value of a pool in your home’s resale price.
  5. BEAUTY – It becomes a new backyard focal point. Ready to entertain at your next party! Changes an eyesore liability into a beautiful asset.
  6. SAFETY – Protect your loved ones or beloved pets
  8. GAIN STORAGE SPACE – Store items below deck

*Remember: if you fill in a pool and hide it under the dirt, you must disclose that fact upon selling the home. The excavation costs for a new pool in the location where the old one was, could be astronomical.

Filling in a pool creates an expensive liability to the home. If you replaster, the beast continues to eat. The costs and maintenance goes on and on.

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